29 April 2009

Two Days Off

To recover from my epic Big Day Out I booked two days leave - was wonderful being able to sleep in. I had plans for the two days: finish the other two dolls on Monday and prepare the centre medallion for "Simplicity" on Tuesday. Completed the dolls - "Joe Jingles" (Country Keepsakes)

and "Tully" (Rosalie Quinlan Designs - Honeysuckle Cottage Christmas Club). Tully is an excellent design for a novice dollmaker - easy-to-follow instructions, no painted face and the clothes all have frayed edges.

I really have a problem with choosing fabrics for applique - takes me ages. Would be much easier to buy kits but I am determined to keep using fabrics from my stash. Spent yesterday morning cutting out all the strips

and the afternoon and evening choosing/ironing/cutting fabrics for the centre medallion - I had traced all the shapes onto vliesofix on Monday night.
For a change of pace during the afternoon I cleaned the fridge (how desperate was I for a distraction?) and cooked dinner. The last piece was ironed on at 11.45 pm! At least it's now ready to be blanket-stitched.

Not ready yet to try needleturn on a block like this one.


Tozz said...

Love your dolls Lynda and love the beautiful block and I dont blame you for not doing needle turn on it. Too scary. But its just gorgeous and i love the colours

helbel19 said...

Gosh those dolls are great, love Joe Jingles and as usual your choice of fabrics are lovely, so much done after a weekend away... terrific.


Lorraine said...

wow - I love the applique Lynda!! Sounds like you kept busy on your days off.....I am hoping to get into the sewing room this weekend....you have been busy with your dolls - they look great!

Kerri said...

Your dolls are cute. Tully took my eye. I love doll like her. I havent made one yet but you might have inspired me. Thank you

Chookyblue...... said...

your dolls look great and for someone who hates picking fabrics for your applique you sure picked a beautiful lot.........

Cathy said...

Your applique block is just gorgeous! I love the colors that you pick. How will you machine applique it?


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