11 April 2009

Happy Birthday Diann

Yesterday, Good Friday, was a dear friend's birthday (Miss Diann who shall remain blogless). This photo from a little while ago is a section of her birthday present up-close.

This is her present finished:

The bridesmaid's dress is almost finished - a bit of handsewing to do. Elizabeth is very happy with it, so I'm pleased. The style she chose suits her so well and she looks extremely elegant. Most of our family was over for dinner last night - Elizabeth cooked while I sewed (works for me).
Lorraine has a new toy - and she's loving it.


Lorraine said...

Oh yes....I AM indeed loving my new toy........thanks to some help from Diann and yourself!! Love the gift you made for Diann! You have been a busy girl with all your sewing....!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Diann will just love that blouse, Lynda you have done a fantastic job...Happy Birthday Diann...can't wait to see the bridesmaide dress..

Lulu said...

That shirt is beautiful. Well done.


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