21 April 2009

Lots of stuffing going on around here:

These bits and pieces are parts of 3 Chistmas dolls.

Last Friday was John's birthday. We had dinner at a local Mexican restaurant (where Jenni works) with Mum and some friends. I bought John 2 tickets to see Cheech and Chong in Wollongong tonight - Michael is going with him.

Saturday afternoon we went to the Surry Hills Fair with Elizabeth, Matt and Michael. John went for a bike ride Sunday morning then we spent most of the rainy afternoon watching "New Tricks" and a movie we'd taped.

4 sleeps until "Day of Inspired Stitches" and another extra-long weekend (thank goodness for saved up roster days).

Back to the stuffing.


Lorraine said...

thats what I like to see.....someone being productive....! Keep stuffing!! Looking forward to catching up on the weekend....!

clare's craftroom said...

Nice to see someone getting organised for Christmas . Have a lovely stitching weekend .


Oh you are just tooooooo organised Lynda.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to John from me xx


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