26 April 2009

My Day of Inspired Stitches

Bags were packed Friday night ready for an early night and quick getaway in the morning. Didn't sleep a lot - kept wondering if all the alarms I had set would not work, so was up at 3.30 am. Left home at

to drive to the airport for my flight to Adelaide. This photo was taken while we were flying over the Blue Mountains.

Drove from Adelaide airport to the workshop venue and joined the crowd of ladies lined up to register (love the brooch we received).

Having never been to one of these workshops/gatherings, I was pretty overwhelmed when I first walked into the room - so many people, didn't know where to sit etc. Luckily I found a spare seat at a table with a couple of ladies who were also at their first workshop and the other ladies at our table were extra friendly so I started to relax and enjoy the day.
Sarah introduced the designers (The Girls), who then showed us their designs and it was time for us to choose what we would start to make.

Melanie also brought along an extra pattern for us:

There was also a Rosie punchneedle bag but I forgot to take a photo.

Half of the ladies at our table decided to make Janelle Wind's glasses case because we all wanted to try needleturn applique. Janelle came to our table to give us lessons for each part of the flower and we were off. Received a few more pointers from Leanne and am now feeling much more confident to tackle the applique on Butterfly Garden. I took one of my blocks along and was able to have a chat to Leanne about fabric choices for the butterflies.
The Girls also demonstrated shrink fabric, punchneedle, attaching ric-rac to doileys and were very generous and absolutely delightful.
This photo shows what was in our goodie bag - patterns, starter kits, buttons, chocolate (which I gave to John), thread etc

and this is what I bought (see Peg, I tried to take your advice):

Pink fabrics on left to make a Mrs Perkins or two, transfers of today's stitchery designs, pink spotty fabric because I liked it (may use it for the butterflies - not sure but would have been sorry if I didn't buy it), finishing kits for Janelle's and Rosie's designs, lovely Tilda decorations and Haigh's chocolates (from the airport) for John, Jenni and Ian.
About halfway through the morning I met Lorraine - Lorraine and I have been emailing for a couple of months and my day was made being able to chat to her in person. I also met Gail Pan and her friend Sue.
"Show and Tell" was held after lunch - the ladies brought such beautiful goodies. I loved Rosalie's comment that in 100 years when "Antiques Roadshow" comes to Australia there will be whole episodes devoted to "Leanne's House BOM" - definitely a popular quilt.
I arrived home about 10.00 pm after a very long but enjoyable/memorable day. Sarah and her girls were run off their feet all day - they were amazing.
I'm sure everyone attending today will have a fabulous time and there will be lots of photos showing up in blogs taken at the dinner last night and in the workshops.


Suzi-q said...

Congratulations on surviving your first workshop and going all the way to Adelaide to boot.
I haven't been brave enough to attend one as yet but it is on my to-do list...one day

Lorraine said...

It was great to meet you Lynda...now I can put a face to the name.....today was a bit quieter - everyone was a bit more settled and it was straight into stitching and spending...LOL...I spent most of the day chatting with those I didn't get a chance to speak to yesterday...went home early from the dinner - I was tired!! well - I am a granny! - Talk to you soon....!

Chookyblue...... said...

wow Lynda what a huge day for you but looks like it was well worth the effort.........

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Great post Lynda it does sound like you really did have a great day, so much inspiration....nice lot of purchases, now when do we see all these projects??? So pleased you had an awesome day.

clare's craftroom said...

How exciting ! It all sounds so good , glad you had a great time .

helbel19 said...

What a great day you had Lynda, it was long way to go for some stitching but I think it must have been very exciting.
Good on you.....

Sarah said...

WOW!! What great projects! Glad to hear you had a great time to Lynda! Bet you will be going to more now lol
x Sarah

Bec said...

It looks like you had a blast! What lovely projects to browse and inspire. It can be hard restraining your shopping when at days like this, you did well!


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