23 March 2018

"Medley" is Together

The "Medley" quilt top is together - it measures approximately 67" square.  The colours are much more vibrant than in the night-time photos.  I hope to drops it off to Karen over the weekend.

 Backing and binding were sewn up yesterday

and I spent the rest of the evening cutting out extra blocks for my "Summer Nights" quilt - the rest of the blocks will be made by the other Beehive members and should arrive in December so I'm hoping to be ready to sew the quilt top together after Christmas.

My dear friend Robyn has recently returned from a skiing trip to Japan.  She brought home presents!  Very cute Japanese socks and a fold-up shopping bag.

Spending tomorrow with Gulliver - really looking forward to that.  Think we'll visit Auntie Jenni and Uncle Kurt.

1 comment:

marina said...

gorgeous Lynda!!
Well done.
Enjoy your day with your special little peoples.


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