05 March 2018

Clambake Cot Quilt

Last week two of my quilts appeared in Karen's Instagram feed - that meant that Karen had finished quilting them!

"Bradley Street", a large cot-sized quilt, which will be bound tonight while I'm watching the Oscars

and "Clambake" cot quilt.

I picked up both quilts at stitching on Saturday afternoon and sewed on the bindings later that afternoon.  The "Clambake" binding, a very cute strawberry print, was stitched down while I was watching tv on Saturday night.

There was just enough backing left over from the Low Volume Log Cabin quilt to use for this cot quilt.  I love this "Just Another Walk in the Woods" fabric (designed by Stacy Iest Hsu).

On Friday I was fortunate to attend the annual International Women's Day event in Wollongong.  Jessica Rowe was the special guest and what a wonderful speaker she is.  So honest and natural and she has a great gift of being able to communicate with everyone in the room.

Last week's sewing time was mainly spent making the Hunter Star cot quilt - it's now with Karen for quilting.  The "Stellar Baby" fabric used for the blocks is so very cute.

Another great weekend has gone way too fast.  Saturday afternoon was enjoyable chatting with the stitching girls while I did some cutting out.  Mum and I went to see "The BBQ" at lunchtime yesterday - we really enjoy seeing movies showing life in contemporary Australia.

Was able to spend the rest of Sunday in the sewing room working on "Medley".  Round 14 has been added since this photo was taken.  I love making this quilt - always something interesting to look forward to.

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