08 January 2018

Where to Start?

The Christmas decorations are still up - the little ones have stayed over during the break and they have enjoyed playing with the train set and everything else plus I've been pretty busy.  I'm back at work now so it will take a while to pack everything away.

Christmas 2017 was lovely - so wonderful that everyone could come home to have Christmas lunch together.  The present frenzy was fabulous fun with the two little ones.

I made a few presents and, as usual, it was a rush to finish everything in time for the big day.  Each year I like to make ChaCha and Gulliver a hand-embroidered decoration for the tree and this year I used a Country Keepsakes' stitchery for ChaCha's and finishing instructions for both of them


but with a Bronwyn Hayes stitchery for Gulli's ornament.


Also made them a Hugs 'n' Kisses Santa's Treasure Sack each with machine embroidered panels instead of hand embroidery.

Earlier last year Michael sent me a link to a pattern for an AT-AT Walker (All Terrain Armoured Transport Imperial Walker from "Star Wars") and I wanted to have this made for Gulliver for Christmas.  I left my run pretty late and was starting to panic about finishing it - the tiny little cannons on the front of the head were giving me grief.  Was tickled pink with how it turned out.

Just after the little ones were born I bought a pattern "Daisy Dress Ups" designed by Two Brown Birds.  These were fun to make and are great for 2 year olds.  Didn't have enough time to make all of the dress-up patterns but I'll get to them during the year.


At the last minute I decided that the Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs Tree needed a tree skirt.  This was made with the "Moda Love" pattern using fabrics from my stash.  This is a great pattern for a quick quilt because it works with any size squares.


EwdhB said...

The photos do not do the Santa sacks justice, they are amazing!!!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Oh my....what totally amazing goodies you have created ❤️❤️❤️


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