05 May 2017


As soon as the Bonnie Olaveson (Cotton Way) released the Snippets pattern, I knew I would make the quilt.  In 2015 I made a cot-sized quilt and in early 2016 Karen and I started cutting up our FigTree stashes and sourcing charm packs of the older ranges to each make the full-size quilt.

Karen finished hers a couple of weeks ago and mine was finished on Tuesday night.  It's a pretty large quilt at 87-1/2" x 96-3/4".  So happy with how it turned out and the Filigree quilting pattern Karen used looks great.  So worth the hours spent trimming the blocks.



I'm now collecting Bonnie and Camille squares to start another one later in the year.

Huge week for Elizabeth and Matt spent painting inside their new house and then the move yesterday.  ChaCha spent the day with me and her room was all ready when I took her home yesterday evening.

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