22 May 2017

I Love Weekends

Another fabulous couple of days.  The weekend started on Friday night - dinner with the Schoolgirls.  Always lovely to spend time with Denise, Gail and Lynell - catch up on what's happening with their families, their latest travels etc.

Saturday was a big day out with Lynell, Robyn and Paula.  First stop was a couple of light shops in Punchbowl - bought some beautiful crystal lamp bases for the stained glass shades Lynell is making - then we headed off to the Lyric Theatre to see "The Bodyguard".  I've been a huge fan of Paulini since I first heard her sing at Schools Spectacular when she was 16 years old and her singing in "The Bodyguard" is just wow!  There aren't many people who could handle singing Whitney Houston songs (especially the number of songs in this show) and Paulini is absolutely sensational.

The finale/encore is just wonderful.  Everyone comes out of the theatre feeling so happy.

Next stop was a little walk around Walsh Bay, then delicious dinner at Hickson Street Kitchen before seeing "The Play that Goes Wrong" at the Roslyn Packer Theatre - totally hilarious farce/slapstick with such brilliant timing as well as loads of physical comedy.  Tears streaming down our faces and running mascara everywhere.

This sign was in the foyer of the Roslyn Packer Theatre

During the week I added the borders to Swoon

and Sunday morning I sewed up the backing

and made two pillowcases

The butterfly fabric is another piece of "Kumari Holiday" my friend Elizabeth sent to me - it wasn't used in the quilt top because I didn't want to cut into the butterflies.

There were lots off triangle off-cuts left from making Swoon and I've been sewing them into half-square triangles

and then making "Fresh" blocks (a Thimble Blossoms design).

The plan was to make a cushion to put on the bed but there were enough to make 6 blocks and there is plenty of fabric to make more - could end up with a lap quilt.

Yesterday afternoon Mum and I went to see "Viceroy's House" - a beautiful looking film telling the story of  the partition of India - something I knew very little about.  Mum knows lots about it, having lived through that time in UK.  The film is well worth seeing.  While we were at the movies, Elizabeth and Matt asked us up for roast dinner - not going to say no to that - a great end to a terrific weekend.


Rachaeldaisy said...

That was an action packed Saturday! It sounds wonderful!! I agree that not many people can sing like Whitney Houston its so good to hear Paulini was sensational.

marina said...

An entertainment filled weekend!
Love your new blocks and great job not cutting that lovely butterfly fabric, much nicer to be such pretty pillowslips.


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