07 February 2017

It's Too Hot

Had such a fun time at ChaCha's birthday party on Saturday and was so lovely to spend some time with Gulliver and the rest of the family.

After the party I headed off to stitching at Karen's.  Really enjoyed seeing the girls for the first time this year.  I dropped off four quilt tops for Karen to quilt over the next few weeks:  Medley, Cakewalk, My Pink and Green Heaven and Scrappy Churndash (below).  White borders were added after this photo was taken.

16 Snippets blocks were sewn together on Saturday night

and the rest were sewn together on Sunday but it was way too hot and humid to turn on the iron, so these blocks are still waiting to be pressed.

Camille Roskelley has released a new pattern, Takes the Cake, and I spent some time after work yesterday cutting out strips and 2-1/2" squares for this quilt.  Lots more squares to be cut from the strips.  This quilt will be very different for me because I'll be using black crossweave fabric for the background.

January collage of quilts in progress and a couple of finished birthday presents.

I've been watching "West Wing" again while sewing and have so enjoyed the whole series - was quite sad to see President and Mrs Bartlett flying off into the sunset.


I am said...

Hi Lynda .gee Your grandies are growing up so quick.
Love your finishes you are so clever my friend,well done xx

marina said...

Such beautiful projects!
What a busy weekend socialising with special little people and lots of crafting too!

Leanne said...

Hello Lynda
I do feel for you being so hot, Makes me glad I live in Tassie. Sorry to rub that in.
I have been cutting my 2 1/2 inch squares for take the cake to, I also want to use the black cross weave, I have never used it before. Should be fun.

Maria said...

You alsways use such yummy fabrics Lynda.....


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