18 November 2014

I've Got Mail

A parcel was delivered to my place yesterday - Sarah had sent back my Red Letter Day quilt.

Love the quilting!  The quilt is going to look so fantastic when the binding is finished.  Might get to that on the weekend.

Finished another Best Friends Forever stitchery block last night - 1 and a bit stitcheries to go.

Saw two movies over the weekend.  Lynell and I went to see "Love, Rosie" on Saturday - was very enjoyable.  Mum and I saw "My Old Lady" on Sunday - much different than I expected but loved it.  Can't go wrong with Kevin Kline and Maggie Smith.  Turns out there was a huge wind storm while we were out - came home to find this big branch fallen in the back yard.  Very fortunate it landed where it did.

Stitching with the girls tonight - might finish off another stitchery block, then again might chat all night.


Maria said...

I agree Lynda , Sarah's quilting is lovely.
Beautiful stitchery you completed and thankfully no one or nothing was hurt when the branches fall.
Pleased you enjoyed your movies..
Nice new header too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynda your quilt looks wonderful,glad you enjoyed your movies and enjoy your stitching tonight.xx

marina said...

will be wonderful to get the binding on such a gorgeous quilt.
love your stitchery too..

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love the quilt ,,,have fun xx


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