15 March 2009


Two weekends ago John's sister, Joanne, visited from Coffs Harbour. John's Mum and Joanne came over for Sunday breakfast and Jenni joined us.

On our way to Sydney yesterday afternoon we passed this fantastic old motorbike - it has a stick for gear changing.

We had dinner with Elizabeth, Matt and Michael at a lovely Hungarian restaurant - delicious. Following on from Sharon's example of photographing food, this is Matt's dinner - feed the man meat.

This afternoon we picked up a new bed for the pink bedroom (Jenni's room when she was a little girl). Love this bed and my "Ruth's Quilt" (designed by Leanne Beasley) really suits it.

"Let Me Be" is together (took this photo at dusk - I have no idea about lighting etc).

I think this quilt will be nice on the new bed when it's finished.


clare said...

A good time and lovely quilts , can't beat it .
clares craftroom

Yvette said...

That quilt is great! I have to stop looking in here, I want to do everything you do.

Suzi-q said...

Nice bed, I once saw a Queen size in the same finish only it has little bits of gold trim, very nice looking bed.
Both quilts look lovely on it...good to be able to choose :)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Nice family photos....and love all the show and tell...pink bedrooms I am not use to that...looks very pretty..

helbel19 said...

Its lovely to enjoy time with friends and family. Love your quilts.... as usual.... we do like the same things thats for sure and they look great on the bed too.



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