03 March 2009

Social Weekend

The weekend just gone was pretty busy and very enjoyable. John and I went to an engagement party on Saturday night - one of the Schoolgirls' sons became engaged just before Christmas. Jenni and her boyfriend Ian came after she finished work.

John's sister (Joanne) was visiting from Coffs Harbour and my brother (Paul) was visiting from Brisbane over the weekend. John's Mum, Joanne and Jenni came over for breakfast on Sunday morning then my Mum, Paul and I went out for lunch at a restaurant overlooking Wollongong Harbour - very nice.

I spent a bit of time on the weekend sewing some bright string blocks - it will take a lot of these blocks to make a good sized quilt . Many of the string fabrics are leftover from this quilt: "Sunshine and Stars" designed by Jan Mullen - the pattern was in a very early Quilter's Companion magazine. This quilt was started in 2003 and finished for Lynell's 50th birthday (4 years ago) - she's the Schoolgirl who held the engagement party. The blocks are hand-pieced and the rest is machine sewn. Lynell's maiden name was Bright.

Is there such a thing as leftover leftovers? These "Sunshine and Stars" fabrics were leftover from "Magic Beach", a Chookshed Pattern Co quilt that Jenni started to make when she was 14 or so and had an ocean themed bedroom - she's now 21 and lives away from home. We were talking about "Magic Beach" when she was over for dinner last night - she might even drag it out to applique the last palm tree or two.

Had a lovely "chat" over a few emails with Granny Loz during the last few days. I'm looking forward to meeting her when I go to Day of Inspried Stitches in April.


Catherine said...

Wow Lynda, I bet your exhausted, you will need a weekend to get over your weekend!! Very sociable. I'm sure there is such a thing as leftover leftovers...it sounds possible lol, Cathy

Sarah said...

You are such a social butterfly Lynda! lol
That 'bright' quilt suits doesnt it lol... I hope she liked it :+)
x Sarah
PS: Glad you found someone to catch up with at the workshop!


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