10 March 2009

The Old and The New

Many, many moons ago when I was 17, my girlfriend and I painted my bedroom mauve (don't know why I chose mauve because it's never been a colour I've particularly liked). I pestered and pestered my mother to buy me loads of wool to make a crochet bedspread to go with the new decor.

Last Sunday John and I were moving a bed from one room to another. Underneath the bed were a couple of plastic bags containing probably my oldest UFO (or, as much of the bedspread as I'd made all those years ago).

The pattern is somewhere in my sewing room - I have seen it since we moved to this house (19 years ago) but have no idea where. I am hoping it will turn up.

The new is this linen that I've pintucked - it's for a secret little project.

I had decided that March was "no buy" month but was not successful, although these fabrics were bought in February - both florals are for quilt backs ("Vintage Valentine" and "Girls Day Out"). The spot fabric is for another string quilt I have in mind. I fell in love with this doll as soon as I saw the pattern - I love Country Keepsakes designs.


miss~nance said...

WOW Lynda what a find. Will this bea finished UFO I wonder......


clare said...

I have a crochet blanket/quilt I think it took me about 20 years to make . Yours is much nicer !
clares craftroom

Lorraine said...

Wow....that is some find!! Amazing what we have stored under beds!...I have mostly dust bunnies!! I have a blanket I am knitting....it has been about 7 years in construction so far! I get it out every winter and do a few squares..I might put the squares together this winter and it might make a nice cot blanket..LOL......Love that pintucked linen....very pretty...will be looking out to see what that becomes..!

Mary Ann said...

This will be a beautiful afghan, Lynda!! Hope you'll finish it!!
I painted my room purple when I was 16!!! That was ALSO many moons ago!!! LOL!!
Cheers! Mary Ann

Sarah said...

Hey lynda!
Are you going to finish them?? I am not much of a purple gal either... dont mind a little bit, but not the main colour - dont think i have anything purple/mauve!
That new doll pattern is so cute!! Country Keepsakes have the best doll patterns dont they.. I got a new one not long ago - Lottie! She is so cute!
x Sarah

Catherine said...

How funny...don't you love the way we keep making resolutions and having tiny slip ups! Could you imagine how much we would buy if we decided to buy what-ever we wanted for month!!! How much fun would that be!! Cathyx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Now that is one UFO....purple, now that was a colour of the 70's...nice secret project...and great fabric, no buy...LOL.


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