08 September 2016

Change is Good

That has been Matt's mantra for the last few weeks while he and Elizabeth were packing up their Sydney home of the last 11+ years for the big move to the South Coast yesterday.  Very exciting for me and other members of our family.  I had ChaCha for the day and we had a great time.

Last Friday was Jenni's birthday and some of the family were able to meet up for lunch on Saturday, including this little cutie and his Dad in their matching Batman t-shirts.


The only sewing I've managed to do lately is finish off the Spool Sampler filler blocks.

I've started another crochet basketweave scarf - great to do at lunchtimes.


Vicki said...

Moving closer to you now, Lynda??

Sue W ♥ said...

He's gorgeous, lots more cuddles now....love the bling on your mouse

Lorraine said...

Moving closer to you? Your little man is growing up...so cute!

Patchwork and Play said...

Mmmmm...change is good if it is not always thrust upon! I have had many unexpected changes happen in my life that have left me in a spin! But a planned and anticipated change is exciting and good! Glad to here the move is a positive one.

Susan said...

Exciting to have them closer. Love the basket weave pattern.

Bev C said...

Hello Lynda,

I hope he managed to mark the boxes correctly. Love that basket weave pattern. Hope the packing went well.

Happy days.

I am said...

Hi Lynda that's awesome news for you ,your grandies are so cute so glad they are closer to you now xx


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