18 July 2016

Saturday Dinner

On Saturday night Mum and I went out for dinner with my brother's family to celebrate my nephew's birthday.  We had such a lovely time and I took some photos of Mum with her youngest great-grandbaby.

All the 5" blocks for Spool Sampler are finished and the rest of the quilt is cut out.

Yesterday I decided to sew some Cheerio blocks together.  These blocks were finished in January, so it's about time.  Think I'm halfway and hope to sew a couple more rows tonight.

Mum wanted to see "Hunt for the Wilderpeople" (with Sam Neill) so we did yesterday - it's an enjoyable movie but a bit gory for me in a couple of hunting scenes (I just close my eyes).


Susan said...

Lovely photo of your mum, photos across generations are always special. You're giving your machine a workout! Those spools will be a lovely finish for Spring.

shez said...

Hi Lynda oh my she sure is a sweetie and your mum is enjoying the cuddles.
Oh I love seeing your work my friend you always have something awesome on the go and I hope you have a lovely evening xx


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