24 May 2016

Fun Weekend

Had such a lovely day on Saturday - Mum and I went to Sydney to spend the day with the our little sweethearts.  They are so lovely together and have such a lot of fun.  I dropped off a little rainbow vest for ChaCha.  I bought the wool when I was at quilt camp in Tasmania last November and started knitting it there.  The vest has been finished for ages - just needed some press-studs.  I thought it would be too big but it's just right for this winter because she's so tall.

All the Scrappy Churndash blocks are made

and the first four rows are together. Four more rows to sew together and add to the first four, then the top is done.

I've started a little cardigan for ChaCha - it's a different type of knit for me - top down and in one piece - a free pattern from Ravelry.

More spak-filling and sanding on Sunday afternoon - there might be painting later this week.


Susan said...

Lovely to have some little people to make for. Woohoo, painting is much more fun than prep!

Helen said...

Lovely things for Chacha..... great blocks too. It's always nice to see what you have been up to.


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