20 January 2015

This and That

Not a lot of sewing/stitching over the last couple of days but there was a great deal of house painting last week, most of which is now finished thanks so much to my wonderful sister-in-law and brother.  The house is looking fantastic.  A few touch-ups here and there, a couple of new verandah rails and the house will be looking so good - shame about the windows but replacing them is on the "one day" list.

Two more quilts have been cut out and a sample block of each made:  "Cheerio" and "Niner" both Camille Roskelley designs using a mixture of Bonnie and Camille fabrics.

Early last week I came across "Girls' Day Out" in my sewing room - this quilt was started in February 2008, the quilt top sewn together at a retreat in March 2010 and the last border flowers were vliesofixed on in January 2011.  The quilt top hadn't been touched since.  Two nights' worth of stitching and now the top is ready for quilting then all the beautiful buttons and beads can be sewn on.

I've been collecting some orange fabrics over a couple of months to make an orange "Swoon" quilt and the last package arrived yesterday - think I finally have enough to start cutting it out.  4 Fig Tree fabrics were added to the pile after this photo was taken.  This quilt will be a gift for someone special.

A few rows have been added to Best Friends Forever - I'm on a deadline for this now, so it will be what I sew this week if I have some spare time in amongst socialising.

I have 3 more quilt tops to give to Karen tonight at stitching and then all bar two of my quilt tops will be quilted.  One of these quilt tops was finished in 2011 so it's about time to have it quilted.

Backing for "Basket Case" and "A Year in my Life"
A couple of weeks ago at stitching I cut out another "Goodnight Irene" quilt, this time using 2 Bali Pops jelly rolls in pink, dark red, charcoal and black batiks with a black background.

I hope it looks as good finished as it does in my imagination as this is another gift quilt.

Stitching tonight so I will be collecting "Not Quite Civil War".


Karen said...

You are so productive Lynda. I am home all day and still can't achieve as much as you do! Looking forward to picking up those new quilt tops! 😍

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

You are on a roll
Love them xxxx not long

creations.1 said...

Wow - you have been busy!

Susan said...

Great work happening at your place. It must feel really good to have your house refreshed and quilt tops quilted.

Cathy said...

You are bombing through your UFO pile!! Great work! Love the red and black Bali pops!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynda wow i sure do love your girls day out quilt,you are doing a wonderful job with your UFO's xx

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

So many projects on the go or nearly completed. Fresh paint can make all the difference to a home - enjoy!

Isra Jhoni said...

Well, I agree with what you wrote, but not with all of it. Regardless, its all good material. Thanks!Daily Live TV

marina said...

great that your helpers have been productive around the house again.
well done finishing your girls day out! You are ploughing through your ufo's and starting some beautiful new projects too.


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