22 March 2013

Parcel Arrived

Quite early this morning the parcel delivery man rang our doorbell.

Inside are the beautiful fabrics from Di Mill, including a couple of extra f/q's of Sis & Boom fabrics - they are lovely.  I am still tickled pink.

Some ideas are forming to use the black/grey/yellow Comma fabrics on the left.  All that gorgeous Fig Tree Avalon fabric - wow.

Tuesday night was stitching night.  Paula made delicious supper for us:  strawberry/cheesecake tarts and two kinds of hot cross buns (traditional and choc chip).

Another weekend is almost here.  Going with Jenni to look at some units tomorrow (she'd like to buy some real estate one day and wants to get an idea of what is available for what price) and I think we'll take Mum to see "Goddess".  Aside from that I'd love to sew binding on to two quilts that Bec has quilted for me.  I am thrilled to bits with the quilts and will take photos once the binding is attached.


Maria said...

Lots of lovies in the mail and goodies to eat with your stitchy friend too.
Enjoy your day!!!!

Anonymous said...

such a wonderful parcel to receive Lynda,have a fun weekend my friend.xx

jacob20martin said...

Pretty fabrics! It feels so good to receive your parcel, right? I feel great whenever there is courier services Dallas at my door. The plus point is they deliver the parcel within 24 hours sometimes, which is superb. Anyways, this was a very nice post, the food looks delicious.


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