23 March 2013


At long last I'm sewing down a binding on a quilt - good tv-watching sewing.

Had a great day today just as planned: brunch with Jenni, pictures with Mum then a lovely long chat on the phone with Diann.

The girls are progressing slowly.

Hopefully more binding sewing over the next couple of nights.

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marina said...

well done!
how did you enjoy the movie?
I am hoping to see it in the next week or so.
What I have seen looks pretty good.

Maria said...

Love the candy strip binding..
Pleased you had a lovely day..

miss~nance said...

Hi Lynda

I have just started blogging and following blogs again, am finding my way around some of my old favs. Love the fabric on your quilt....



Lorraine said...

Love love love the stripe binding....so pretty...!


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