09 August 2012

Hexagons and Little Apples

The first pile of half inch hexagons is now stitched together and ready for sewing.

The next pile of little hexagons is ready for stitching together.

Today I finished sewing Little Apples Double Irish Chain quilt top. This has been half done for a few months. It will make a great child's quilt.

Maybe next week I'll get around to making up some backings and put these quilt tops onto the frame.

Lovely weekend coming up. BBQ lunch here on Saturday with our family and Matt's family to celebrate the engagement and then a busy day at the eisteddfod of Sunday.

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Vicki said...

Looking good! Hope that the weather holds up for the BBQ and that everyone has a great time!

marina said...

love your hexies!! I love how you sewed the base to the sides. Was that in the instructions because I missed those when making mine. Looks so perfect.
Love your double chain too. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Lynda just love the colour of the childs quilt,well done and hope you have a wonderful family celebration.xx

Cardygirl said...

Fabulous hexies!


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