05 February 2012

Songs for Nobodies

Yesterday Mum and I went to Sydney for the day - first I had an appointment at the Chanel Makeup Studio in Myer.  I've never had my makeup done before so I wanted to have a trial run before The Big Day - no photos.  We met up with The Bride, her mother and aunt for lunch and a bit of shopping before going to the Opera House with Elizabeth and Jared (her best friend) to see this show:

Brilliant!  Stunning!

It was a beautiful day in Sydney - the harbour was sparkling and it's been just as beautiful here today.  So many people mowed their lawns today.


Lorraine said...

sounds like a perfect day Lynda...lawn mowers are like blow flies...they always seem to come out with the first fine day after rain!

Vicki said...

Wow, would love to see her show!!!


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