11 February 2012

Blogging from an iPad

I tried to do a blog post from our iPad using an App called "Blog Press" but there's some issue with our network and it won't post.

The last few days I've been pin-basting quilts.  Anyone who has visited has been roped in to pinning too.  The first quilt is being quilted but it's very slow going - lots of interruptions, which I don't mind.

iPad photo
The new sewing machine is great - after these 3 quilts the machine will be going on the frame and I'll get stuck into the rest of the quilt tops in the pile.  Maybe some more quilting over the weekend.  Lots of rain here the last couple of days.


De said...

Busy Girl!

Bec said...

So much quilting! Sorry but I'm no help with ipad, we only have an ipod.


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