21 February 2011

Floral Bouquet

Not a lot of sewing over the weekend - it was too hot.  I made the next SBS block - once again I've used the red fabric and there isn't enough differentiation between the fabrics in the 4 patch squares.

Jacob's Ladder
Also cut out all the pieces for "Floral Bouquet" - a lot of slicing and dicing preparation for this quilt.  Some girls from the Tuesday group (Karen, Paula, Dianne and Sharon) are joining Diann and I making this quilt.

Fabrics cut for "Floral Bouquet"
Had to put one block together ...

"Floral Bouquet" block
Think I'm going to love this quilt.  I'm using pieces from my Fig Tree fabrics - Patisserie, Yuletide Blessing, Mill House Inn, Whimsy, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Fig Tree Dots, Fresh Cuts - they are such beautiful fabrics.  With some of the fabrics there was only enough for one piece, eg the green damask above.  This is a great pattern for using up small pieces.  The plan is to piece 5 blocks per week once all the pieces are sewn and trimmed.

According to the pattern, the finished quilt is large king single (~60"x88") - I might change the layout so that it is more square and make a different border.  I'm not too keen on the 14-1/2" strips joined together to make the border in the pattern - think I'd prefer one fabric or piano keys.

The weather is much more pleasant today - it would be lovely to be at home sewing rather than at work.


Yvette said...

I really love your SBS blocks, the colors and fabrics are so bright and cheerful.

OOOH! I adore the fabrics on the Floral Bouquet too. That is going to be gorgeous!

Roseanne said...

Both your block look very nice. I did some sewing on the week end to.

Sue ♥ said...

Love the splash of yellow through the block.
That JR quilt is lovely I made it from a JR of Spring Magic I think it was called, it goes together beautifully, you should have fun. The finished quilt fits my Queens size bed

Bev C said...

Your floral block is beautiful. Good luck with your quilting plans and roll on Autumn.
Happy Monday Lynda.

Bec said...

You don't always need contrast in four patch blocks, having less contrast there, yet not being so solid in colour could be a good thing.... looks great by the way!

Floral Bouquet looks very pretty so far. Once cut - how are the blocks to piece? Looking forward to seeing your border when you decide what to do...


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