18 February 2011

A Break from the Routine

On Wednesday the car was booked in for its first service so Mum and Jenni came with me to Sydney and while the car was being serviced we met up with Elizabeth for lunch.  Elizabeth works in North Sydney and the view below is from her office window.

Sydney Harbour from 19th floor, Miller Street, North Sydney
I've downloaded a few photos from my phone.

My car in its new home - carport finished 16 January 2011
Australia Day dinner with friends at a restaurant at Wollongong Harbour - great view of the fireworks
When Mum, the girls and I were in Melbourne recently I saw this bag in one of my favourite shops.  I showed wonderful restraint not buying it.  The following Monday Elizabeth phoned me to say she was in the Sydney branch of the shop, the bag was half price and what colour did I want?  I picked this up from her a couple of days later.  Not very practical but so very lovely.

Stealing Kisses Bag
This week's Sylvia's Bridal Sampler Block:

Friendship Star
The weekend is here once again - I love Friday nights, although tonight John and I will be sorting out our sick fridge.  Maybe a bit of shopping tomorrow with a friend while our husbands attend a Bucks Day Out - John is driving the bus to take them white water rafting.  The groom is our friends' son.  Hope they have a great day out.


teresa said...

Wow, think I could handle that view very easily. How nice to see that every time you looked out the window. LOVE THAT BAG Lynda.. I can see why you wanted it. Lucky you xx

gracie said...

wonderful pictures..thanks for sharing them. The bag is so unique...

Samelia's Mum said...

What a fantastic view! How hard would it be to work with that distraction.

I'm a Wollongong gal. Was that taken at the Harbourfront Restaurant? I was there a couple of weeks ago for a friend's birthday.

Yvette said...

One day I am going to venture out and take a vacation to Australia. What a beautiful view!

Love the fussy cut on your SBS.

Vicki said...

Wow, a view to die for I reckon, Lynda!Poor sad fridge - a lot of material money to replace it if that's the case, :(

Bec said...

What a fantastic bag! You were meant to have it; how amazing was that with Elizabeth being in another branch of the shop and that same bag half price! So pleased you bought it!
Gorgeous view of Sydney harbour....it's a wonder she gets any work done!
You must be so pleased to have your carport up and in use, esp with the heat.


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