20 December 2010

Santa Photos

After seeing the Santa photos on Retromummy's blog, I thought I'd show some of our priceless photos from a few years ago.

We don't have photos of Elizabeth or Michael when they were one year old - Elizabeth's photo was just a  blur.  This photo of our gorgeous Elizabeth as a 2 yo more than makes up for missing the previous year.  As a one year old  Michael wouldn't go near Santa.

Michael 5 months; Elizabeth 3
This is one of my favourites but it doesn't scan too well - Michael 4; Elizabeth 7
The really fun photos came after Jenni was born - well, they're hilarious now (as Jenni thought looking at them all tonight as a 23 yo).

Elizabeth 9, Jenni 15 mths, Michael 6

Michael 8, Elizabeth 11, Jenni 3
The family rule was that once the children turned 12, they could decide if they wanted to be in the photo, so we consider ourselves lucky to have the next few.  1994 Mr Bah Humbug decided to join in - 

Michael 12, Jenni 7, Elizabeth 15
 Nanna joined us in 1995 -

The latest photo I can find at the moment - there should be at least one more because Jenni didn't turn 12 until 1999.  In this photo Elizabeth had just returned from a holiday in Bali at the end of her first year at Uni.
Michael 16, Jenni 11, Elizabeth 19
Great memories - part of what our Christmases are all about:  being together, enjoying each other's company and having a good laugh.

Another big part of our family lead-up to Christmas was the annual dancing concert and tomorrow night our children's dance teacher is presenting her last concert - Diane Blaas is retiring.  Diane is one of the most generous, lovely people I've ever met and I'm forever thankful that I met her so many years ago.


Maria said...

Lynda thank you for sharing your gorgeous Santa photos. So many great memories.

gracie said...

Thank you for sharing beautiful memories~~

Yvette said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Lynda they are totally priceless...


How beautiful are they,great memories for you all.


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