07 December 2010

Lots Happening

Christmas cakes are baked.

As last Saturday was the first Saturday in December, it was the day for John's annual visit to the Christmas Tree Farm.

The tree is now up in the loungeroom but not decorated - maybe that will be done tomorrow night when Jenni and Ian come over for dinner.  The inside of the house is decorated; 2 more strands of lights to go up outside and we'll be done for this year.

Hanging on the tree are the Bronwyn Hayes Christmas Baskets and Christmas Hangers I've been making over the last few weeks - these will be given away with a Christmas cake and some chocolates.  The embroidery machine has worked overtime this year.  A couple of t-shirts to embroider then both machines are going in for a service.

Saturday was also Mum's 83rd birthday.  We had a bbq for dinner and Mum enjoyed herself so much with the family.

Elizabeth, Michael, Me
Jenni, Mum
Mum's birthday cake - white chocolate baked cheesecake from this month's Family Circle magazine - I only had one star cutter so used a heart-shape for the outer chocolate decorations.  Delicious cheesecake but pretty fussy to put together.  Probably would have been easier if I'd set up the cake on my rotating cutting mat.

Stitching group tonight - last get-together for this year.  Next Tuesday Karen leaves for Christmas in Maine, USA, with her son - how exciting.  Hope it's a white Christmas for her.  I have more Christmas presents to buy and hope to do that this coming weekend - would be wonderful to have the present-buying finished early (for a change).


Yvette said...

I forgot everything I read once I saw that cake. YUM!

Happy Birthday to your Mom. That was a great picture of all of you. She looks so happy and not even close to 83 years old. Great genes in your family!!

Those Christmas baskets look great on the tree. Fun!

Bev C said...

Hello Lynda,

Happy Birthday to your Mum, she is the same age as my Mum. Love the Birthday cake, you did a great job.
Enjoyed looking at your Christmas decorations and the cakes.
Happy days.

Suzi-q said...

Oh yum...Happy Birthday Mum.
you have been very productive in all areas, can't wait to see all the decorations

Lorraine said...

wow...you have been so busy.....I on the other hand seem to have let things slip a bit this year and still haven't made the Christmas cakes...love all your Bronwyn Hayes goodies..I made one to send off in a Christmas swap last year and meant to make myself one....better add that to "the list"...LOL....

teresa said...

Wow, Lynda, this post had me drooling in the beginning with the cakes, then when I saw that cheesecake... oh yum... I hope it tasted as good as it looked! Love those little Bronwyn Hayes decorations!

gracie said...

happy Birthday Mum...moy mom's is Dec 9...and the same age as yours. Iwon't be seeing her as we are 3000 miles across the USA...the cake looks delicious and the tree lovely.


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