14 December 2010

I Left my Camera in the Fridge

Just over a month ago Diann's daughter, Angela, got in touch with me to find out if John and I were free the second weekend in December to fly to Queensland to attend a surprise party celebrating Diann and Bill's 40th wedding anniversary.  Of course we could go.

We flew up on Friday night to stay with my brother and SIL (Paul and Lynette) in Brisbane, spent Saturday Christmas shopping and then went to the party, which was held at Diann and Bill's son's home.

Ready to leave Paul's home for the party
The party was wonderful.  The happy couple had no idea the party had been organised - there were a few tense moments during the week when Miss Diann became suspicious but luckily the contingency plans worked.
A very surprised Bill arriving at the party.

Bill and Diann about to cut their anniversary cake.
The bridesmaids and best man were able to attend as well as family and close friends - it was such a lovely party full of wonderful memories for Diann and Bill.

Our hire car for the weekend - lots of fun
We were able to stay until yesterday afternoon, so we've had a wonderful long weekend.  It was very hot yesterday and after taking photos of our hire car John put the camera on the car bonnet - the camera became very hot so John put the camera in the fridge (as you do).  We arrived at the airport when John remembered he'd forgotten the camera.  Quick phonecall to Diann to retrieve the camera.  Luckily she was about to drive one of the bridesmaids into the city, so was able to drop off the camera to us.

Flying in to Sydney.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Fantasic photos ...how good do you look in that car...so pleased you had a wonderful time...

Vicki said...

What a wonderful opportunity and have lovely for Diann and Bill.
Photos are frozen in time, huh???

Yvette said...

What a great weekend!

I thought you were joking when you put the camera in the fridge. LOL!!!

teresa said...

Great photos Lynda. So glad you got to do this for Diann and Bill. I bet there were a lot of laughs this past weekend!! xx

Maree: said...

Not sure about the camera in the Fridge...Glad you had a Nice weekend away..you both look Great in that Gorgeous Car...

gracie said...

Sounds like you had a great week and adventure..with the camera in the fridge!..


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