30 August 2010

Our Weekend

Lots of activity in our back yard this weekend.  The parts for the new back fence arrived, a few posts have been cemented into place and a gate has been ordered.  Might take some photos when the fence is fully installed.

Dinner on Saturday night with our friends, Sharon and Gary, was delicious.  Gary is a great cook.  He made Rack of Lamb with Dukka Crust - yummo!

Diann and I haven't made any Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks for a few weeks - too much other stuff going on in our lives at this time of year.  Diann has chosen 5 SBS blocks for us to make in September.  While Jenni was sewing her dress, I spent the time choosing and cutting fabrics for 4 of the blocks plus the next block for our on-line group's BOM.  This always takes me the longest time.  Later in the afternoon I sewed up three of these blocks:

54-40 or Fight

Courthouse Steps

Friendship Quilt

Next weekend, Diann will be having an extra-long weekend at Kingaroy - I'm just a little green.


Suzi-q said...

yummo and yummo to the rack of lamb, your block look great

Lorraine said...

wow..that rack of lamb looks amazing! .....and guess what I bought at the Patchwork Apple on Saturday when I was there for my class ...er social function.....the SBS book....not sure if/when I will get started on the blocks though! I don't think I will ever succumb to the Dear Jane quilt though.....but one never knows!

Roseanne said...

that lamb look yummy. Like your blocks

Yvette said...

Love those SBS blocks!!! Sew, sew pretty!!

Maria said...

MMMM!!! Nice Lamb!!!

Love the blocks too.


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