28 August 2010


I have some stitching at work that I do occasionally at lunchtime (seem to be working through more lunchtimes these days) but find I am really enjoying kinitting at night-time.  When we drove up to Queensland in June I started knitting a pale blue baby's jumper using some wool I'd found in the sewing room.  I was sure I'd have enough but, of course, I ran out very close to the end of the second sleeve.  Would have been fine if I'd knitted 6 months size instead of 12 months.  Couldn't find the same colour in the local shops and I've sine found out it's a discontinued colour.  A search on Google last weekend and I found some wool (different dye lot) and I knitted this in alternate rows with the original wool to finish off the sleeve.  There was enough of the original wool to finish off the neckbands.

Spent last night sewing up the pale blue jumper

and also this variegated orange/hot pink jumper.

This wool was bought in Queensland when Diann and I had a day shopping.  Wasn't too sure about the colours while knitting but as it is also 12 months size, it will look fine with a little pair of jeans or denim skirt/pinafore.

I love the crochet picot edge around the collar.

This is what I started a couple of nights ago - aran cardigan to fit a 2 yo.  Also bought this wool when shopping with Diann.  This cardigan will take a good deal longer to knit than the little jumpers.

Beautiful weather on the south coast this morning.  We're going out to friends' place for dinner tonight and tomorrow night Jenni is coming over to continue making herself a dress - she was here 2 nights during the week cutting and sewing.  Time to get back to the Saturday jobs.

Have a look at yesterday's post on Sarah's blog - very funny (and clever).


Maree: said...

Your Knitting is Lovely Lynda..Especially Love the Orange one...I have been stocking up on wool for my little Granddaughter for next year..it's nice to have the needles working again...

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Wow Lynda they are all so lovely....

Lorraine said...

well done......love the colours!

Bev C said...

Hello Lynda, gosh you are quick with the knitting. Glad you were able to find some similar wool.
Enjoy your dressmaking session.
Happy days.


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