19 August 2010

Cooking and Knitting

August/September each year is always a busy time for me and a bunch of friends.  We spend each Thursday and Friday cooking for the canteen at Wollongong Song and Dance Festival and our weekends are spent at the eisteddfod.  Lots of parents tell us they enter their children only because of the great food available.  Everything is home-cooked.  The eisteddfod is in its 19th year and we hope to be able to continue for a few more years.

Consequently, only a little bit of stitching happening at my place.  I have been knitting.  I bought some wool when visiting Diann in June and have knitted a cardigan for a 12 month old - ready to be sewn up.
I went along to Tuesday Girls S&S this week and a couple of the girls had some great show and tell:

Karen's fabulous horse quilt made with lovely, bright Laurel Birch fabrics.  Karen finished sewing down the binding on Tuesday night.

And for a complete contrast Karen has made a quilt top featuring Flower Fairy and Fairy Frost fabrics. 

Paula has been busy sewing/designing a quilt for her friend's 5 yo son, and has enough panel pieces leftover to make a second quilt.   Paula has bought the most wonderful backing fabric for these quilts.


Bev C said...

Hello Lynda,some lovely quilts there, I am a fan of Laurel Birch fabrics. Good to hear that your home cooking is appreciated. Happy days.

Vicki said...

You have been busy! Great to see you back here too :)


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