01 February 2010


I have had an Un-Started Object in my cupboard for almost 10 years.  We have a nephew/godson named Angus.  In 2000, when Angus was 8, I had the bright idea of making him a quilt using all tartan/check fabrics and Dutchman's Puzzle blocks - referring to his Scottish name and his Dutch heritage.  I collected fabrics, cut out 18 blocks (18 is such a strange number) 8" finished (I was sure they were to be 12" finished), put it all in a plastic bag and it's sat in a cupboard ever since.

Last week I was looking for something to sew on the new toy and this quilt popped into my mind.  I'd thought about making it for his 13th and 16th birthdays.  His 18th birthday coming up at the end of February and he is moving to Canberra to start university, so the time had arrived to make the quilt.

Found two more checks in the stash and now have 20 Dutchman's Puzzle blocks. 

Instead of throwing away the flying geese offcuts as I always do, I made 80 pinwheel 2-1/2" (finished) blocks.  Lots of trimming.

I am determined this quilt will be made from my stash.  There will be more pinwheel/background fabric borders with narrow solid-coloured homespun borders and I've found some fabrics to use for backing.  Block placement is not finalised.

I am enjoying making this quilt - it's not often that I make a totally pieced quilt.  And I'm looking forward to quilting it on the new machine.


Bec said...

Looks fantastic and what a great 18th present for him!

Vicki said...

Wow,it looks really great, Lynda. I'm sure he will be so rapt to have something so snuggly made especially for him for his 18th! Lucky boy!

karyn johnson said...

your quilt looks great .love the colours and pattern .real mans quilt

Yvette said...

Great idea about the pinwheels!

I have more USO's than UFO's. That's good, right? LOL

Maria said...

What a great man's quilt, love the colours.
I think your nephew will appreciate it more now than when he was little.

Mary Ann said...

Very nice, Lynda! I love the Dutchman's Puzzle block! I learnt to hand-piece using this pattern!
I'm sure your nephew is going to love this!!!

Julie said...

Looks good! Perfect quilt for a male.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

I am sure Angus will be thrilled with his quilt...nice that it is being made out of your stash as well Lynda...nothing is ever to old to finish or is it start?

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