21 February 2010

A Little Road Trip

On Thursday Elizabeth (DD No 1, aged 30) rang me and said "Guess what I just got?".  Well, of course, my mind started racing, and when she said "I should have got it a long time ago", I twigged and said "your licence" - she finally got her driving licence.  All the thanks should go to Matt who has shown great patience and been a wonderful teacher.

We wanted to buy her a magnum of champagne - I couldn't find any in the nearby bottle shops but I did find this:

with the sign already attached.

On Friday, Mum, Paula (a friend from work and recent patchwork convert) and I drove to Canberra to see the Masterpieces from Paris exhibition -  "Starry Night" was the outstanding piece of the exhibition (for me).

While in Canberra had to pay a visit to Addicted to Fabric - beautiful shop and a fabulous range of fabrics.  The "diet" went by the wayside for the day - bought a pattern and fabric to make myself a skirt.

Yesterday we went to Sydney to see Elizabeth, Matt, Michael and Peta - we went bowling (haven't bowled for over 12 years) and then had Mexican for dinner - lots of funs.


Sarah said...

Congrats to Elizabeth! She wont know what hit her... she will have SO much more independance! What a great gift you bought her!
Bowling is so much fun... we went last time we went to QLD, the loser (ME) had to buy the ice-creams after lol
x Sarah

alda said...

arh, what a funny gift, is it pink?! wow! I think she will love it!

Yvette said...

Congrats to Elizabeth!

Where I live you HAVE to get your license at age 16 or have no life. LOL!! Our public transportation isn't like it is in other parts of the world.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Well done to Elizabeth....love the gift...LOL.....nice fabric for the skirt...sounds like you had the perfect wweekend...

Bec said...

Congratulations to DD on her license! It is sooo exciting when you get it as a teenager so I can imagine how much MORE excited E must have been with all the work put in! The champagne in the pink box looks very cool, I am sure she loved it!
The fabric for your skirt is very pretty... fab colours!


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