08 February 2010

Another Weekend Over

These days I live for weekends ... the weekend just gone was great:  hairdresser, out for dinner, visitors, sewing, stitching, watching a movie or two.
I pin-basted Angus's quilt on Saturday afternoon and did some ditch-stitching while watching "Sabrina".  The plan is to ditch-stitch the whole quilt and then

do some running stitch in the sashings.  First time I've used the running stitch on the new toy and I think it looks wonderful.  Will be quite a few nights' sewing before the quilting is finished. 

Way back here, I stitched two of these blocks for Girls Day Out.  Two more were in the pattern for the Florist Shop and after I'd stitched one of them, I couldn't find the fabric I'd cut for the fourth.  Searched everywhere and, of course, I'd used the leftover fabric in another quilt.  The only thing to do was trace off some more blocks on a plain fabric and stitch them again.

Finished them last night and I'm so happy to see the end of these.  The original three I used in a new cushion cover - not sure if I'll keep it for a present or use it in the sewing room.  The little Ikea ironing board could do with a new cover but that's the ironing board I use for vliesofixing.

Last week I made the second block (Georgia) in our on-line group's 12-1/2" BOM.  I really enjoy making these blocks.


teresa said...

Angus' quilt is absolutely wonderful. How frustrating for you to have to stitch all those GDO blocks again!!!

Yvette said...

How great that you can pin baste in your house. I have to go to the quilt shop when they don't have a class to borrow their table.

The quilt looks great!

Those stitcheries are ADORABLE!!!

helbel19 said...

Wow Lynda that quilt is great and I'm sure Angus will be very happy with it. Nice cushion too, good idea to use the stitcheries, nothing worse than waste.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

You are on a real roll with the quilt, looks good...love the new block and your GDO, just gorgeous..

Bec said...

Angus's quilt is looking fabulous! Love the cushion that you made with the stitcheries.... The 'new' stitcheries are beautiful....it's lots of fun seeing the blocks build up month by month on all the FiS blogs.....be interesting to see how they all go together in the end!


The quilt looks great. I can relate to those stitcheries for GDO, I did all 4 of mine and managed to lose one but, unlike you, I still had the left over fabric to do another one thank goodness.

Lorraine said...

you are so productive!! love Angus' quilt...what stitch are you using on the new tow?...it looks good! what number is it? First day of annualleave today...am I sleeping in....No....wide awake at 4.30....!! great to see all your works in progress!

Cathy said...

I love your Angus quilt! That is going to be neat looking when you finish. I also love the chair cushion.
You have been busy!

Busy As Can Be said...

I love the doll in your picture....did you make her?


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