31 July 2009

Yesterday's Mail

Yesterday the postman delivered a parcel from Quilt Fabric Delights. Such gorgeous fabrics for the Pies and Tarts BOM.

Every so often one of the Schoolgirls goes to a meeting in Sydney right near Ikea and this coming Monday is the day so I'm going with her but I'll be visiting Ikea - I hope to find some more storage for this part of the sewing room cupboard. The white drawers hold my little pieces of fabric and the hanging shelves contain fabrics and patterns for some quilts I want to make one day (Gingham Girls, Breast of Friends, Butterfly Garden, Tail Feathers, Quilt Aid). I have plenty of space in the room but it's not well organised and I feel like I'm constanty in a mess.

All of my machine sewing over the last few weeks has been making a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" Quilt based on this kit. One of Jenni's friends saw the quilt I made last year for Jenni's birthday and asked Jenni if I'd make one for her niece but I didn't want make another quilt exactly the same, mainly because that is Jenni's quilt (and I made up the pattern as I went along). The new quilt is a simpler design and I've added a couple of extra borders. The quilting was finished tonight, the binding is sewn on and I might have it stitched down by the end of the weekend. Still stitching Sweet Pea bugs and grubs at lunchtimes and Sweet Christmas Dreams occasionally at night.

It's the weekend - yahoo!!



My sewing room is always in a mess. Not sure what to do to help with keeping it tidy. Nice fabrics for the quit.

Bec said...

Beautiful fabrics for the Pie and Tart BOM. I think sewing rooms are destined to be messy, however I find if I can clean up a bit once in a while; and be able to see the floor and the bench top then I am more productive.

Bec said...

what an awsome pattern collection! Gosh, if you wanted to make something there is sooo much choice! Enjoy browsing through them now and then! oh, and keep sharing - love it!

Bec said...

can't believe I did that Lynda - sorry but that comment was meant to go on Loft Creations, oops!


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