04 August 2009

Sewing and Shopping

The photo on the top right-hand side of my blog is of Jenni when she was approx 7 years old - here she is 14 or so years later making my heart sing. On Sunday Jenni is going to a baby shower. She is making a toy bag from Bronwyn Hayes's "Little Chicken Feather" book.

Instead of the applique chickens around the top of the bag, Jenni decided to applique a little stitchery

which is now finished

Poor kid - she was horrified each time the camera flashed.
I had an excellent day yesterday wandering around Ikea and we also had time for a quick visit to DFO. I bought these hanging shelves and drawers (much sturdier than the el-cheapo version). The plastic crates have been moved to the top shelf. The two boxes below are full of paper patterns - not often that I dressmake these days. It will take me some time to work out what goes best where.


Chookyblue...... said...

hope my girl is sewing then too.........lovely stitchery....

Lorraine said...

Great pics....and I am sure the recipient will love what she has made...I am sure this is just the start of lots of projects for Jenni!


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