25 January 2009

Holiday Snaps

Some photos from two weeks ago: when we went to Bateman's Bay we were amazed at the number of Police in the town. Turns out that was the location for their blitz on the south coast. Here's our friend Bill alongside some of the Police motorbikes at a hotel near where we stayed.

Michael, Peta, John and I went to the opening night of Sydney Festival to see The Cat Empire, Bangarra Dance Co, Sydney Dance Co, various other bands and Grace Jones

Yesterday was an awful day weather-wise - we had planned to drive to Sydney to visit Elizabeth and Matt but it was just too hot (and the aircon in our car isn't working). Today is much cooler and we, along with our friends Phil and Louse, went for a bike ride to Berry and Shoalhaven Heads - very pleasant riding alongside the river listening to Fleetwood Mac (on Jenni's old MP3 player).

This is every biker-girl's best accessory - a backpack just big enough to hold a purse, camera and a few pieces of fabric from The Berry Patchwork Shop.

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