20 October 2008

Lunchtime Sewing

My lunchtime stitching over the last few weeks (and for the next few months) is "The Wish Quilt" which is in Homespun 62, 63 and 64. This is the first block I've finished (tiny red buttons to be added to Santa's coat when the quilt is together).

Saturday afternoon and night I spent a fair bit of time in the sewing room and now "Citrus Crush" and "Truly Scrumptious" are ready to be basted. Tickled pink with the look of the quilt tops and, once again, I'm blown away by the size of the quilts - doesn't matter how many times I read the measurements on a pattern, it doesn't sink in.


Anonymous said...

Lynda - wonderful to see your first block made for The Wish Quilt. Be aware that there were several errors printed in the instructions for this project. A flyer listing them (along with some additional information which will be helpful during quilt assembly) will be included in the November issue of the magazine (Vol 9.11) and published on the magazine pages in the December issue (Vol 9.12). However, you don't need to wait until then - just go to the Homespun website at www.completecraft.com.au and click on the Corrections tab - all the information is there.

Lynda said...

Thankyou (whoever you are) - I've printed off the correction sheet.

Kind regards


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