26 September 2008

Weekend - Yahoo!

Wollongong Song & Dance Festival is over for the year; family birthdays are over until Mum's in December, so for the first time in 8 weeks I'll be having a weekend at home - friends coming for dinner on Saturday night and I'm going out for lunch on Sunday with Mum and a couple of her friends. Should have a chance to catch up on some household jobs and perhaps finish off the late matching presents for Jenni and Gabby.
Tonight is the last episode of a favourite tv show, "Wire in the Blood" - this series has been particularly gruesome and I have been wondering why I watch it.
I can't show what I'm stitching at the moment because it's for my online group's Secret Santa Swap. These photos are some goodies I made pre-blog:

Rosalie Quinlan's "Bucket Full of Angels" made in 2004 with my all-time favourite "Bed of Roses" fabrics (Robyn Pandolph).

"Raymond Rooster", (c) Maryanne Day, Australian Country Threads Vol 3 No 2, made in 2004.

Jan Mullen's "Sunshine & Stars" which was in an early Homespun or Quilters' Companion. This quilt was finished in 2005 for a dear friend's 50th birthday present (her maiden name was Bright).


em's scrapbag said...

Your rooster is fabulous. And I love the quilt all the bright colors are great!

Catherine said...

I also watch Wire in the Blood and ask myself the same question??? It is really nast, but yet I watch it??? Love your Bright quilt! CAthyx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Lynda, love the angels....Raymond looks like a bit of a boss, but he is very handsome...Sunshine and Stars quilt just gorgeous...nice to see things have slowed down a little bit for you.


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