16 September 2008

A Tale of Two Cousins

5 days after our gorgeous Jenni was born, John's cousin Stephanie gave birth to her second daughter Gabrielle. Our girls spent a lot of time together during their early years.

Jenni and Gabby (about 6 months old)

September 1990 - Gabby's third birthday party (the groovy dancer is Gabby's older brother Nick) Christmas 1990
September 1991 - Jenni's 4th birthday party - dancing the afternoon away to the "Grease" soundtrack

September 1992 - Jenni's 5th birthday party

Each time I made Jenni a new dress/outfit, I also made one for Gabby. Jenni wrote a comment on Gabby's birthday card saying "at least my mother isn't dressing us the same any more"! Little do they know that I have plans for one last identical present, although it will be quite late. Happy 21st birthday gorgeous Gabby!


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Great photos and outfits....

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Gabby!! Geeze there has been alot of Birthdays around you lately!! No wonder the gift is going to be late!!
x Sarah


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