04 September 2008

Jenni's 21st Birthday - Part 2

Tuesday dawned and Jenni had to get up early for 8 hours of uni. Lovely way to spend a birthday.

John and I spent the day getting ready for the evening (including finding out our new second fridge was not working and the microwave blew up) when the Nannas, Elizabeth plus Jenni's closest friends and our friends were coming over for dinner with The Birthday Girl.

After dinner, there was The Cake
(from The Mighty Boosh, one of Jenni's favourite tv shows - suggested by Elizabeth and decorated by John), followed by a little speech from John and presents from us:

The box was hiding Ally Turtle made by Mick Barber of Divine Hammer (Eumundi)

Leanne Beasley's "Travel Quilt"

"Very Hungry Caterpillar" Quilt, which was wrapped inside the Travel Quilt.

This is the key John painted for Jenni but, in all the fuss of the night, we forgot to give it to her (we have some hooks to add to make it a keyholder).Later on Jenni and some of her friends went out.

Wednesday morning John and I drove Elizabeth back to Sydney, had breakfast at the cafe where Michael is the chef, then went shopping for a new microwave. Back to work yesterday and now slowly recovering from a hectic but so enjoyable week.


david santos said...


helbel19 said...

Its so nice to see your piccies, fabulous pressies and great time spent together.


Catherine said...

What a lucky girl!! Two birthday quilts!!! Love them both!!Cathyx

Sarah said...

Looks like thw whole night was a success!! The Turtle is such an ususaul gift - she likes turtles I suspect?? cute!!
x Sarah

Jen said...

The Very Hungry caterpillar quilt is beautiful. Lovely blogging. I'm still working on my VHC quilt.


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