06 December 2007

What a Woman!

Last Tuesday was my Mum's 80th birthday. We are all so fortunate to have Mum in our lives. Mum is the truest friend anyone could have, she is unbelievably brave, she is honest and upfront and she loves each one of us unconditionally.

The previous Saturday we went to Ruby's Country Cuisine for dinner. It was wonderful to have so many of our family there plus Mum's closest friends.

I took Tuesday off work to spend the day with Mum - went to housie (Mum's usual Tuesday outing) - didn't even come close to winning a game; did a bit of shopping and had afternoon tea with a friend.

Below are pictures of what I made Mum for her birthday -

"For a Special Mum", (c) Bareroots from Homespun Magazine No 35.

This started out as "Love a Mum" Quilt in a Card, (c) Wildcraft Farm and ended up a lap quilt. The star in the top right-hand corner is Jackson Star - my maiden name. Mum loves all these pretty colours.


keslyn said...

Hi Lynda,
What a special time for you all, 80 years is a wonderful achievement.
Your gifts for your Mum look great, I am sure she loved them.
Memories to cherish.

Janet - Wildcraft Farm said...

Hi Lynda, Wow, Wow, Wow. My silly old dial-up modem took forever to reveal the Love A Mother Quilt Card design, but wow it was worth the wait. You did an amazing job, I'm so proud of your effort with my "little" design. I'll have to make sure I link it on my blog when I start talking about Mother's Day cards soon. Well Done You. Janet x


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