08 December 2007

First Saturday in December is the day John traditionally goes to the Christmas Tree Farm to chop down a tree. This year my brother and his family were staying at our place while they were here to celebrate Mum's birthday, so John, Philip and Ziggy (our dog) drove off to the tree farm and came home with a beautiful tree.

I'd spent Saturday afternoon packing away all my bits and pieces from around the house to make room for all the Christmas goodies. Sunday Mum came over to have breakfast with us before Philip, Tracey and the boys left to drive back to Lake Cathie, so I talked Mum in to staying for a while to help me decorate the house and tree. She left after 3.00 pm. I love Christmas. By Monday night I was reasonably happy with how everything looks - a bit of tweaking here and there and I'll be thrilled to bits.

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Suzi-q said...

It looks wonderful Lynda, you have quiet a collection going there


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