28 December 2007


I know I'm shouting in the title but Christmas is the BEST time of the year.

Our family had 4 days of Christmas this year:

Day 1 - lunch with our son's girlfriend's family and friends.

Day 2 - Christmas Eve. This was the day when all our family could be together and one of the best times of Christmas is when we're all sitting around in the loungeroom tearing into the presents. Doesn't matter how old are children are, this is such a fun time.

On Christmas Eve, I have to watch the Melbourne Carols. After dinner John took Michael back to Sydney, Jenni was out at her boyfriend's family and Matt was asleep. Elizabeth made cocktails for the two us and we had such a lovely time watching the Carols and discussing the frocks. After John came home we decided we needed to have sweets (we were all too full after dinner to eat any sweets), so here we are at 1.00 am on Christmas morning.

Day 3 - Christmas Day - Elizabeth and Matt left after breakfast to spend the day with Matt's family; Mum and Josh (Jenni's boyfriend) came over for lunch and more presents. In the afternoon we picked up Michael from his girlfriend's parents and then everyone spent Christmas night playing Guitar Hero - good fun. Michael stayed over.

Day 4 - Boxing Day - we drove Michael back to Sydney and visited Elizabeth and Matt quickly. We generally have a bbq on Boxing Day to catch up with our friends. Was a lovely time this year.


helbel19 said...

Hi Lynda,

So nice to see the happy faces enjoying their gifts and each others company at christmas. I agree christmas sure is fun.



Sure looks like you had a great Christmas ...... BUT ..... dessert at 1 am on Christmas morning, what were you thinking!!!!!!


Sarah said...

Looks like you all had a ball!! 1am for supper..... Oh dear!!
The pics of your children I gather... top jenni, michael, then elizabeth??
Sarah x


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