29 October 2019

Entry Room (the Parlour) Makeover

By the time Jenni and Kurt went home two weeks ago all the prep work and undercoating had been completed as well as a first coat on the back of the front door, some architraves and some cutting in around doors.

They came back on Saturday morning and were straight into it.

Gulliver was with us on Sunday and he was on kitchen duty helping to feed Jenni and Kurt

as well as providing entertainment with Mum.

By the time Gulliver and I left to go to the basketball game, the room was done.  Such a huge job that Jenni and Kurt finished in two weekends.  Unbelievably thrilled and grateful.  They even styled the room before they left so that it would look pretty when my friends and I arrived home from the game.

 Happy Christmas 2018 to me - the most generous present.

1 comment:

Maria said...

Looks fantastic! Nice cookies Gulliver cooked . Nice music played by them both.


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