10 January 2019

New Year, New Starts

"All You Need is Love" was such a fantastic concert - so many highlights.  Hope there is a concert next year.

I'm behind in making cot quilts for family and friends' new grandbabies.  Found "Next Up" cut out in a drawer in the sewing room, so it is ready to be quilted once the backing is made.  The little baby is almost 6 months old so the brighter "Later Alligator" fabric seems a good choice.

Last year I made a quilt called "Seaglass", designed by Susan Ache, a very talented quilter I follow on Instagram, from her book "Start with Strips".

A couple of days ago Susan posted a photo of a variation of this quilt design and, after visiting Karen to pick up some more fabric for the sashings,  I started it last night.  I have someone special in mind to give this quilt to and would like to have it finished for when I see her in April.  I need to make a little change to the smaller blocks before I go any further.

Plenty of other things I should be doing, like packing away Christmas - spent a few hours on Sunday taking down and packing decorations as well as half an hour or so after work each day this week, so that's a good start.

Hawks game tonight and meeting up with Eisteddfod friends tomorrow night before a big weekend.  Michael, Peta and Gulliver are moving down here, so I'm a tad excited.


Susan Snooks said...

Gosh, you must have masses of Christmas decorations if they take so long to put away! Doesn’t everything look different when Christmas is finally back in the boxes?

Maria said...

Your always make such fabulous quilts.. Lucky folk who receive thamm.


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