11 July 2017

Wish Upon a Star

"Wish Upon a Star" is a quilt designed by Bonnie Olaveson (Cotton Way) and made using Bonnie and Camille red fabrics along with a white/red spot Japanese cotton I bought last year while on holiday in Singapore.  Finished stitching down the binding on Sunday night.

This won't be my last red and white quilt.  I love how this turned out and have plans to make a scrappy version of the pattern.

I love the Orange Peel quilting (done by Karen) and it suits this quilt so well.

Had a lovely weekend.  Was able to spend time with both of my little sweethearts and most of the family (two are travelling around Japan at the moment).  I looked after Gulli for a few hours on Saturday evening.  He was so worn out from all of his bicycle riding that he fell asleep before he'd had his bottle or finished his "GG biscuit".

1 comment:

marina said...

Such a gorgeous quilt, love the fresh red and white fabrics!
Poor Gulli.... iso cute with his biscuit lol


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