18 July 2017

Out and About

No sewing for a while but there has been lots of going out.  On Saturday afternoon Mum, Lynell, Robyn and I went to see "Kinky Boots".  It's a fun musical and Lola is just sensational.  A kind stranger took a photo of us at the boots.

On Sunday Robyn, Lynell and I met up with our friend Wendy.  We all travelled around Europe together a long time ago and it's always great to catch up with Wendy.

Gulli's scrappy block jumper is ready to sew together and I've started one for ChaCha.  The couch arm is a good landing place for the knitted pieces.

Last year I bought 14 balls of Bendigo Wool (mostly Luxury 8 ply) for Peta's blanket and scarf and I've been trying to use them up this winter.

There has been some crochet happening at lunchtime and I'm almost ready to put it all together.  Was pretty happy with my bird even though it's a a bit larger than I envisaged.

This rainbow wool has appeared in my Instagram feed a few times and I caved and bought some for ChaCha next winter.  Not sure what I'll be making with it

or the multi-coloured wool below.  The purple is for ChaCha's scrappy block jumper bands and sleeves and the two balls of grey are for something for Gulli for Christmas.

Some sewing from the weekend before last - started something very different for me to make and it will be taking up most of my sewing time for the next few weeks.

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