06 June 2017


No sewing but there has been some knitting.  Finished off Gulliver's little jumper on Friday night.

and tried it on him on Saturday night when he came for a sleepover.  He's such an adorable little boy and wonderful company.  Gulli had a great time playing with his cousin during the afternoon - I love seeing the two little ones having fun together.

On Sunday the stitching girls came over for afternoon tea.  Karen brought back Pathways and Crossroads.

I asked Karen to use any new quilting design she wanted to try out.  This one is Oasis and it looks great.

The only sewing-related things I've done in the last few days are trim some Wish Upon a Start half-square triangles while talking to the girls on Sunday afternoon

and buy a load of background fabrics as well as a layer cake and charm pack when I called in to Karen's last night to drop off a couple of cot quilts for quilting (they've both been finished for a long time).  We ended up going out for dinner so that was a lovely surprise.


Lorraine said...

Lovely little jumper and it looks perfect on Gulli! Sounds like a perfect weekend and a nice little haul of fabric as well!

Maria said...

Love the cable jumper you knitted for Gulli. He's a gorgeous model..
Lovely new quilting design and a good stash of materials.

Rachaeldaisy said...

The little jumper suits Gulli so much. He'll need it now the weather has turned so chilly!!

marina said...

Gorgeous jumper for your boy!
Lovely new project, love that spot...


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