14 June 2016

Busy, busy, busy

Lots has happened over the last 10 days or so - some things wonderful, some things not so great.

During the night Saturday week ago, all of NSW east coast and parts of Qld were hit by a huge weather event and, once again, the bedroom and sewing room at the back of my house flooded, even though I had installed new drains and done a lot of remediation work after the last flood a bit over 2 years ago.  The following day all the furniture was moved out of the two rooms thanks to my wonderful family and I was able to set up a sewing area in the family room.

These once-in-a-lifetime rains are happening too often.  Further rain events created even more havoc in Tasmania.  Seems strange that I had lived in the house for 24 years with no flooding and the last two times we've had lots of rain in a short space of time, the house has flooded.  

On Friday the wardrobe was installed in my new bedroom.

Much of Saturday was spent moving into the bedroom, thanks once again to my fantastic friends,

and moving all my sewing furniture and stuff into my previous bedroom.  I'm so sad to not be using my lovely sewing room any longer but it makes more sense to have my sewing room at the front of the house - good news is that the room is also pink.

Yesterday I bought curtain fabrics and a blind for my new bedroom so there will be some curtain-making over the next few weeks.

On Saturday afternoon Karen called in with the Scrappy Churndash all quilted - it looks fantastic.

I made a scrappy binding

and two nights of tv watching later, the quilt is finished.

I've received a request for another Piccadilly Circus quilt, so I started cutting strips for that on Sunday afternoon - needed a change from all the furniture arranging.

No navy in the quilt now - more green, aqua and pink

Hard to believe little Gulliver turns 1 next Sunday - time is passing way too quickly.


shez said...

Hi Lynda so glad your home is back in order for you now,hope it doesnt happen again for you,your room looks wonderful,love your shelfs for your shoes.
Oh your little man has grown so much and is such a cutie,hey if you get a chance see if you can visit my blog today i found an old pic of us,a new header will be put on later tonight.
Hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

Jan said...
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Jan said...

Fingers crossed that there's no third time (un)lucky, Lynda! Everything looks great - you must be so pleased.🌹

Maria said...

Oh no not again but thankfully you are not hurt and in time I guess you can move back to the sewing room...
Boy there sure are some shoes in that roomy wardrobe..LOL..
Enjoy sewing the quilt ...
Happy Birthday Gulliver. Such a cute little fella....

marina said...

Hope there wasn't any major rain damage this time?
Your new room looks fab, love that wardrobe space.
Gorgeous quilt..
Happy birthday to the big little man! He looks like a happy soul.
Is that a nanna knit he's wearing?

Susan said...

Very frustrating to have the rooms flood again, hopefully that's it for a long while. Love your new room, and who wouldn't want those gorgeous shoe shelves!

Shirley said...

Hope your rooms are soon sorted and dried out. Happy Birthday to your little man. That time has flown by.x

Helen said...

Wow you sure have been busy......glad to see everything is coming together for you now.
Happy Birthday to Gulliver .....gosh that year has flown by.


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